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Pop-up alert on web client with labview webserver connection

I have written a simple VI which runs on aserver PC with the LabVIEW webserver runnig  Client can connect to the server and view the VI panel..
If the browser window minimized or hidded is there a way to create either a 'pop-up' browser window or other warning to alert the client machines operator to look at the main browser window.
Is this possible and if yes how?
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Being as your wanting the actual browser to pop up with the labview application inside there on a remote panel then you'd need to talk to the browser directly most likely over Active X. Depending on your programs life span depends if this is useful for you or not, as the goal posts for activex controls is a constantly moving thing. Another way you could do this is deploy an application ontop of the remote application and use a deployed execuatable to alert you to certain events via NI-PSP.

If your interested in putting together an activeX control you can view a lot of examples inside the LabVIEW example finder just by searching.


Whats the scope/purpose of the application and reason why you require this to pop up?

All the best,

Applications Engineer
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The activex solution is an interesting one. But for my application it might not be reliable enough.

The application is a remote telemetry monitoring system. The Labview app decodes alarms from a wireless receiver. When an alarm state is detected it is logged in the alarm database and a alarms screen indicates the fault with a LED. Remote users connect to the application over the LAN and only need to view the HMI screen.

My concern with the browser screens is to ensuring that an operator is aware of the alarm when the browser is minimized etc.

So possible solutions to this issue are:

1) Some sort of pop-up dialog

2) Make the remote browser window visible

3) Send an email on SMTP to all the operators.

Hope this explains it a bit clearer.

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It appears that your best solution would be to use a seperate program running on the PC under the LabVIEW runtime engine, if it communicates over NI-PSP then this will allow you to easily control the behaviour of the window and alerts without having to code any TCP/IP. Would this be something your interested in? If so I can put together a quick example program for you.
All the best,
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Please find attached a simple program that uses PSP over a network, the client has a buffer of 50 with the binded variable to the server or host machine, the access for this is read only. The server or host changes this variable which is picked up by the client and changes the indicator. To get this to work with the behaviour you wish all that would be needed is to place the PSP variables to a case structure, and have the property change to pop the window up. You will need to change the paths to match your own.

Regarding your SMTP questions, using this is just a few VI's under the connectivity panel, or you can do a search inside the labview functions pallette to find all SMTP VI's.


All the best,

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