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I want to generate pulses with controlled duty cycle. can anyone suggest me how to do that?







Using this pulse pattern, i'm able to generate pulses. But no. of samples restricts the frequency. '1024' in the diagram is giving almost 50Hz. if i place '1' instead of '1024' ( in the number of samples of pulse pattern), i'm able to get a max of 800Hz.


But i want the pulses at very high frequency around 10khz.


Is there any other method to generate pulses with controlled duty cycles.


The device i've used in this program is daq NI6008.


I've tried using simulate signal also. But i'm unable to get controlled duty cycle, eventhough i've used control for duty cycle and also the pulses are oscillating between 5 and -5.



please help me regarding this.





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Your inexpensive device has only software timing as you should have read in the specs and other posts on this exact same subject. It is simply not capable of generating a signal at your desired rate. Max would be around 1kHz.

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