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PTP synchronization Linux



Apologies in advance I am new in this domain, if my questions looks silly.


I am trying to set up a boundary clock. I own an IC-3173 device with multiple ports. The device is connected to GPS via USB and time is synchronized using chrony. I have two sensors, an industrial camera (nano c1930) and  ouster lidar(OS1 64). These sensors are directly connected and I want the Ubuntu OS to be master and all other slaves. The industrial camera has the network while the Ouster lidar has a link local IP. I followed the official Ouster lidar user manual to set up the PTP from page 84 to 94.


My understanding regrading the ptp4l and phc2sys:

ptp4l is program that  implements PTP as a Boundary clock or Ordinary clock.


phc2sys is a program or tool  to synchronize the normal Linux system time
to a PTP Hardware Clock (only used with hardware time stamping, In my case its missing)


I created /etc/systemd/system/ptp4l.service.d/override.conf file and added the following entries:





ExecStart=/usr/sbin/ptp4l -f /etc/linuxptp/ptp4l.con





Later, I made the following entries to the /etc/linuxptp/ptp4l.conf file and so on:





boundary_clock_jbod 1





Configuring ptp4l as a Local Master Clock


I edited /etc/linuxptp/ptp4l.conf and commented out the default clockClass value and inserted a line setting it 128





#clockClass 248
clockClass 128





and then finally restarted the service.


While I was setting up the PTP, I got confused and didn't know what to do further. The scenario is simple, I want the two sensors to synchronize with the master which is Ubuntu OS. I have also checked this user manual for PTP information from NI. But not able to grasp hands on it.


Can anyone guide me how to set up the PTP for IC-3173 device or pointing to some documents or at least guide me the way I followed is missing something?


If you closely look at the manual, after ptp4l setup they make use of phc2sys. Which I haven't done the configuration. Now the question is, I have checked with pmc for both interfaces, the camera and the lidar are in slaves mode. However, I don't know how to verify that really these devices are synchronized and if they are not where it can be a problem.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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