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PCI-7030 troubleshooting


We've just bought a new PC for our lab.
It runs WINDOWS XP SP2 and is equiped with
the Real-Time DAQ-device PCI-7030/6030E.

Before plugging the DAQ card into a pci slot,
I re-installed LabView 5.1.2 and the latest
compatible NI-DAQ driver (version 6.9.3).
Then I inserted the card in the PC.

Up to that point, everything worked fine.
Then I tried to test the card as explained in
the link below :

The RT processor board 7030 as well as the daughterboard 6030
are effectively detected by MAX, and the 7030 passes the test

However, when I want to reset the device as indicated in
the aforementionned link, the card fails to reboot.
None of the solutions proposed in the link hereafter solved
this issue.

Can anyone help me to get the card working?

Thanks in advance.
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First of all, sorry for placing that post not in the right
section of the forum. I didn't understand very well the way the
forum works.

I finally succeeded in resetting the device :
the new PC is featured with a hyper-threaded CPU.
Simply desable the hyper-threading technology in
the bios solved the issue.

I got the information from a post relative to a PCI-7041 device :

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