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Output sine wave and read samples with DAQ Assistant

Hi all,


I'm attempting to output a sine wave to ao0 and sample from channels ai0 to ai7. I'm using a NI ELVIS II+. I set up a simple vi using DAQ assistants for input and output (see figure below). The problem is that the sine wave isn't being output to ao0. I know this because I'm sampling ao0 on channel ai7 and I also checked it with a voltmeter (with a low frequency sine wave) and the voltage is 0 at ao0. Could running two DAQs (both continuous) in one while loop be causing this?


I increased the sampling rate of the output DAQ assistant (DAQ assistant 2) to 10 kHz because 1 kHz caused the input DAQ assistant to call an error (error 200279: attempted to read samples that are no longer available). The sampling rate of the input DAQ assistant is 1667 Hz. Could sampling rate have anything to do with the sine wave not being output to ao0? I'm not sure why changing the sampling rate of the output signal fixed the error with sampling the input signals.





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Nevermind. I got it to work. Forgot to turn on the DAQ 🙂 I was used to not turning it on for sampling (doesn't affect the signals).

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