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Oscilloscope using XY Graph

It seems like there's a line connecting the ends of the XY Graph. How do I solve this? Also when I increase the frequency of the sawtooth wave, the XY graph shows a weird shape. I need to make a basic oscilloscope. Help me please.

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The xy graph displays exactly what you data is. The flyback is part of the data. There is nothing weird about the graph when you change the frequency, it simply displays what you are generating.


Hook the two signal to waveform graphs each to see how they look like.


Your program seems incomplete (e.g. no toplevel loop, etc.). What are you actually trying to do?

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I'm trying to make an oscilloscope.  The Y channel is for the type of wave (sine, square, triangle etc) I would be analysing on the XY graph whereas the X channel controls the time per division on the XY graph. The X channel can be connected to a sawtooh waveform vi. With its offset set to 1 and phase to 180 degrees, its frequency can be used as a control for the XY graph time per division. There's no problem with the Y channel or the XY graph. The problem is how do I design the X channel so that the XY graph would show the waveform we would expect as with a real oscilloscope.

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A normal graph is all that is required. You just use a single channel. A waveform data type has t0, dt, and a y array. No need at all for an xy graph.
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