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Oracle 9i and DB Tools Insert Data

When I use DB Tools Insert Data with Oracle 9i it crashes, showing an error
Provider does not support the property..  in Conn Get
But it works with any other database including Oracle 8i.
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I am using LabVIEW v.8. and the Database Connectivity Toolkit latest version. I have connected to an Oracle DB v.10 with the Oracle drivers. I am able to read from the Oracle without any problem. However, when I try to insert or update data to the Oracle Data Base I get the error -2147217887 Provider does not support the Conn Get Does any one the reason why I get the error and how to solve it? Thanks Simbani
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Not sure this really goin 2 help u now(after 2 years time)!!
I can feel that you are using "db tools insert" and ending up with that error.
You can achieve insertion or update operations for your oracle purposes by using "db tools execute".
With best Regards.
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This may be an old question but it is the closest to my own.


I am trying to use the dB toolset to run stored procedures on an oracle 9i database.  I have one input parameter and I should be getting one back.


The standard SQL syntax was not working from the examples and I read the oracle context could be different. I found an example vi on this site for oracle, however it was written in LV 5.0 and that is tool old for my LV 8.6 to convert up.



I am basically trying to recall the following procedure-


procedure name: worc_labview.get_report_no
parameters: in_wo_no in number, out_report_no out varchar2


I was trying to use this sql query into the create parameter based query

?= {call worc_labview.get_report_no (?,?)}  with teh stored procedure set to true.

I wired in two parameters relating to their data types ( in_wo_no = int32; out_report_no = string)


I'm hopefully mising something easy?


 I get various errors as I was playing around.

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