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Oddity in MAX simulation


Is there an inherent, non-mechanical difference, between the spring terminal and the DSub versions of cDAQ devices that would warrant having the two types as a selection in the MAX simulation? Am I missing something? Is there a way to convert the simulation configuration to a real one? I just use the sim version to provide a "target" for the various DAQmx tasks I am trying in my program.


MAX sim config.png

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If all you're using this for is a simulation while you wait for real hardware I don't think there's an appreciable difference as you'll still just have A0 through A7 outputs and don't need to care about anything else.


In the "real world", there's a couple differences.  First, the datasheet lists different specs:


250 Vrms, CAT II, channel-to-earth isolation (screw and
spring terminal); 60 VDC, CAT I, channel-to-earth isolation


And second, if you select the device in NI-MAX and click the "Device Pinouts" button it'll bring you to a different picture.


I think the main reason both versions are in the dropdown is so NI can just use the same list in the dropdown for both real and simulated versions.

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