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Octoplus USB 3.0 not shown on NI MAX


I am trying to connect to Teledyne E2V Octoplus USB 3.0 line scan camera with LabVIEW but I don't see the camera on NI-MAX. I've seen example of using LabVIEW and Octoplus camera with cameralink but not directly connecting with USB. 

I see the camera under USB from device manager and works well using E2V software.


Has anyone used this camera (USB3) with LabVIEW?


Appreciate any help/feedback.



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Does Teledyne provide an IMAQdx-compatible driver?  Do they mention "LabVIEW Vision" compatibility?  The presence of a driver compatible with vendor-supplied software does not imply that they will be compatible with LabVIEW.  I suspect this may be the case with your camera.


Bob Schor

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