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Ngene Deep Learning Toolkit for LabVIEW - Simple Examples

Simple Examples

Basic DeepLTK samples for beginners illustrating key concepts.

1.1. Logistic_Regression_Single_Output

Boolean AND
Modeling Boolean Logic function.

1.2. Logistic_Regresion_Multi_Output

8-bit adder
More complex example for modeling a function with multiple logistic outputs.

1.3. Linear_Regression

Celsius -> Fahrenheit
Modeling linear conversion function.

1.4. Non-Linear_Regression_Single_Output

Modeling non-liner function. Predict sin(x) based on provided x value.

1.5. Non-Linear_Regression_Multi_Output

[sin(x), cos(x)]
Modeling multiple non-liner functions simultaneously with a single network. Predict sin(x) and cos(x) based on provided x value.


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