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Neural net - putting weights into strings

I can try to help..

There's a few things I do not understand in your code...

For instance, why do you disable the ADD control?

Are you simply trying out code>  which is why you manually enter the translated string?


You need to flatten the variany yo string and write it to a file.  Read that same file each time you want to add more..

So in this example, you would not use the shift register, unless you want to have a list which restarts from scraych each time you run (restart) the code.

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well yeah as you said I was simply trying out the code in this one and I had plenty of help too 😐

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Do you know what I was describing?

I'm here on the forum ON & OFF...


Although I leave the computer at the site, I may not always be in front of the computer.


Let me know if you need help with what I described.

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I know the flatten the variant part. The rest was kind of unclear for me. Sorry but im just noob here.

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