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Netowork Stream Error Code

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Hi Everyone,


I have an issue running an RT program on my cRIO 9012. I have been network streaming information from the rio to the computer for a while now, however I had to restart my computer and I am now getting an Error code coming out of the "Create Network Stream Writer Endpoint". The error is -314000. " Labview cannot load the ni_nwstreams library. If you are using a desktop computer, you might need to repair your labview installation or reinstall Labview or the Labview real time engine. 


The problem is I have been using network streams just 20 minutes ago and now it is telling me I need to reinstall LabView. Anybody seen this error before? 




-cRIO 9012

-NI Module NI9802

-Labview 2017


Thanks for your help.

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Have you seen this article?


Error -314000


Anson K

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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