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Need help with troubleshooting my application

Previously was working with Mr.. Kyle Beck, he was helping me with my Data Logging application, apparently now my application is not working properly, perhaps I am not configuring my code properly, since Mr.. Kyle Beck is most familiar with my application, I was wondering if he can help me once again.


My issue was/is data logging using tdms splitter to Excel file where my data is only logging 250 sets of data.

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You only have one post under your current "name". Did you login before with a different name? Was Kyle helping you on these forums? This is a "mostly user" supported forum, with some help from National Instruments engineers when needed, but if Kyle is an NI employee this wouldn't be the best way to contact him.

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Hi Francisco62,


What do you mean by "tdms splitter to Excel file", do you have any tool, or any example code, or any more reference? Thanks.

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