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Need help to modify multi-device Labview code



I need help to modify a previous single-device input and output code to a multi-device code in Labview 8.5.1. I need to collect analog inputs from 3 PCI 6251 cards (I have RSTI cable between them). The output signal will be from one of the 3 cards. The previous code (in attached .llb file, called "des_v2_Multi_Function_Synch") can work individually for each card to collect input and send out output.


In the modified code (in attached .llb file, called "des1_v2_Multi_Function_Dev_Synch"), there are some broken wires I don't know how to fix. To modify the code, I used the Figure 5 as a reference in the following website:


Could someone help me to debug my modified code please? Thanks a lot.




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duplicate post at


Please don't post multiple times with the same question!

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