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Need NILVWSPostInstallerScript.exe for LV 2018

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I am aware of the the 10sec limit when installing a web service that causes Error 56 "The network operation exceeded the user-specified or system limit". As a workaround some people have posted versions of NILVWSPostInstallerScript.exe with a 30 - 60 sec delay to allow larger web services to be installed. But I need a 2018 version. If that someone could provide that it would help me out a lot.


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Thank you Darren! That unblocks me. If it is not too much trouble could you also provide the same for LV 2021? Since I am also running that version and may need it in the future.

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I found this one which is marked as supporting LV 2021 64-bit. I assumed the EXE was the same regardless of bitness, but if you need it for 32-bit, and you find this one doesn't work, let me know.

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Yeah I'm going to need the 32-bit version since it threw an error.

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Yes this works. Thanks for your quick help.

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