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NI Vision Software Compatibility

Hello Everyone,

My company recently purchased NI Vision Software 2015 SP1. However, we have the LabVIEW 2010 Professional Version (I know. pretty old). The Vision Module we have for the 2010 license is still in the evaluation period. I was wondering if there would be any compatibility issues if I tried to install the 2015 SP1 NI Vision Software with the 2010 version? Thanks!


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For a while now, they've been only making new Vision packages compatible with the most recent 4 LabVIEW versions.

See here.


I would suggest you call up your local NI Rep to see what he/she can do. They may be able to give you a code for Vision 2010 to accommodate your license issue.


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Thank you very much! I will do that!

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Typically, buying the newest version gives you access to all of the older versions.  Have you tried to activate the 2010 version of the vision software?  (or the 2013 as it'd go back the 3 years as well)

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