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NI Service Locator

hi there,

I've got a problem concerning the NI Service Locator. When I try to open the examples it shows: "NI Service Locator is not running". And the second problem is that there isn't any service called NI Service Locator. What can I do in order to fix this? Can I download this service somewhere? I've got the Labview version 8.0.
Thanks for your help!

bye, maggie
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When you say there's no NI Service Locator do you mean you don't see one in the Services administrative tools? The NI Service Locator executable is located in C:\Windows\system32, and is called nisvcloc.exe. Does this file exist on your computer? It's installed when LabVIEW gets installed. How was LabVIEW installed? Was it installed by a user with administrative rights?
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The service locator doesn't exist at all- neither in the Services administrative tools nor in
C:\Windows\system32. Did I installe it wrong?
My version is a stundent version so I don't thinks I've got these administrative rights. Is it the best way to install it again?
Thanks for your help 😉
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Hmmmm... Not sure about the student edition since I've never used that. That would not affect whether or not you have administrative rights on the computer if that's the issue, and I'm not saying it is - it's just a possibility. Do these KB articles help:
What Is The NI Service Locator And How Do I Troubleshoot?,
Error when opening NI Example Finder: The NI HelpServer could not be found
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It wasn't a problem of the software but of my computer. It said that there's a problem with the Windows installer package. That's why it didn't install the NI Service Locator. So first I have to fix this 😉 and then try to install it again and hope that it works- Thanks very much for your help!

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