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NI Labview FPGA Module

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I am using Labview 2017 FPGA module and I want to complie my VI's to a remote computer( server as well as worker). The remote computer consists of Vivado 2014.2 instead of 2015.4 as recomended by NI.  Kintex 7 Evaluation board is my FPGA target. 

Following are my Questions.....

1. Is it required to upgrade the virsion of Vivado from 2014.2 to 2015.4?

2. How to install and download Compile farm in the remote computer?

3. Do I need to uninstall the existing version of vivado and install the Xilinx Compilation tool in the remote computer?

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  1. Probably. Specific LabVIEW FPGA Compilers target specific devices and specific versions of LabVIEW are supported - the Compile Farm Server will tell you which versions are available. Once you have the server set up, you could try without installing the other compiler if you wanted and see if it works - it will refuse if it does not.
  2. How do you access the remote computer? Is it running a Windows OS? See this link: Getting Started with the LabVIEW FPGA Compile Farm Toolkit 
  3. No - you can have multiple versions of the FPGA compilers (Xilinx, Vivado of various versions) installed on the same computer. The Compile Server will choose the appropriate one when you submit a compile job.


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What are the other software modules and drivers that are required to be installed in order to access the FPGA in the NI USRP 2944R?

Following are the modules which are already installed in the development computer(windows)-

1. FPGA module

2. Xilinx compilation tool 14.7

3 NI RIO driver software.


Have I missed anything ....? because when I connect my USRP through the PCIe bus and create a new project, I cannot find the the option to add device and target.


The other doubt which I have is, how to check whether the ''Xilinx compilation tool'' is properly installed or not? 

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I think you already posted that question (and I responded) here:


Ideally, try to keep one thread to one question, and when it is solved mark it as solved so others can see without opening and reading through 🙂 

So for this thread, questions about the compile farm server might be appropriate, but the USRP is a separate topic.

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