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NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices exception (USB-6501)

NI online documentation at:

     "You can create an NI-DAQmx simulated device of any NI-DAQmx-supported device,
       with the exception of the SCXI-1600 (NI-DAQmx 7.4 and later), USB-6008, USB-6009, USB-6501 and B Series"

I'm using the USB-6501 and I was just curious why there is an exception for these devices.
In particular the USB-6501 is just a 24 line DIO (configurable).  Seems like it should be
possible to include this as a simulated device in NI-DAQmx. 


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Hi PointOnePa,


Thank you for posting on the National Instruments forums.

The reason that the USB-6008, USB-6009, USB-6501 and BSeries cannot be simulated is because their functionality can be found in several other boards. 

For instance, if you need to have 24 channel of DIO, you can simulate the PCI-6503.  Then when you get the hardware just change the channel to the channel of your actual device, or if you name the device the same as the simulated device in Measurement and Automation Explorer, then you don’t have to change anything in your application.

Thank You,

Nick F.
Applications Engineer
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If that is true, it will be a really CHEAP way for NI to go...


I mean, users are paying thousands of dollars for NI SW and HW and, they they are asked to simulate another module, not even from the same class (USB), but a PCI device?

And then when they get the real device, again make some other changes in NI MAX?


If there are other devices with same functionality, it would mean that would take no time for NI to add another simulated device with the same functionality, so that users would be able to select their real HW and everything would really make sense even for beginners...


I know this is an old post, but I just got the same issue and, more than that, there is no clear explanation from NI on how to get around this problem (the solution/explanation came from another forum user - thanks!).

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