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I am NI-9205 with cDAQ 9185. I have connected it with +/- 10 supply at AI0 (Torque Transducer). (no other connection. To its COM also). My system consists 5 drives and 5 motors. Huge drive noise. When I pull the TT it gives fine readings. But when I starts all motors there is too much variation in Analog Input. Though PLC is giving correct readings for the same setup. Do I have to connect -10V to COM with 1 M-Ohm resistance (as per datasheet). Or any other option. 

My seetings are

1. DAQ module in sub VI reading at 100ms in main VI. (no programtic reading like open to close connection)

2. Using settings for DAQ as shown in pic. Differential. +/-10V. Sample 1000. Rate 1000. Continuous samples. 


Please suggest accordingly

thank you

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Can you share the datasheet for the transducer.



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