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NI 9181 with NI9482 on wifi - relay gets stuck after 1 minute of operation.



I am experinecing a specific issue on an application I am building and would really appreciate any kind of help on it. 


I am using a NI 9181 DAQ with a NI 9482 Relay module. I am wirting Digital Output to channel seperately. I am running this app on windows tablet. 

The DAQ is connected to my tablet using a TPLINK Router in WISP Client Mode. 

The application is simple, Just turning the relay ON and OFF. 


So, when i run my application and switch on a relay for more than a minute, i cannot switch it Off. The relay gets stuck in the On mode. This happens to any channel i write to. 

To get this application running again, I have to close the application, disconnect and re-connect the wifi and then re-open the application to return to the default(OFF) mode on the channel. 


I would really appreciate it if anyone could share their insight into why this is happening and how i can stop this from happening. 




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Hi RandelPrandel,


It sounds likely that this is a networking issue. I suggest trying to run your application on a computer that is connected to the cDAQ by Ethernet cable. This could help to rule out any problems with the code or the hardware.


Can you open NI MAX on your Windows tablet? After the relay gets stuck, what does your device look like in MAX? Is it still connected? Can you open a test panel and try to manipulate the relay?


Libby B.
Applications Engineering Specialist - RF Wireless
National Instruments
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