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NI 9148 chassis, driver missing in LV 2020 ?

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Hi, all,


My organization has just taken the big leap from LV 2014.5 to 2020.5 .  All went well with our main app, running on NI-9067 cRIOs.


I'm now going back and upgrading some of our support tools running on different hardware.  One of them operates on a NI-9148, an Ethernet-based, 8-port cRIO chassis.


When i load up the project in LV 2020, it complains that support software for the 9148 is not installed. MAX says I have CompactRIO 20.5 and NI-RIO 20.5 .  The build environment is a brand new Dell computer running Windows 10.


The following NI support page seems to indicate that versions of CompactRIO and NI-RIO *newer* than 19.5 do not support the NI-9148.  Am I misreading this?


So, two-part question: if it is the case that version 20 software does not support the NI-9148, what are my options?  And if I'm wrong about that, I'd appreciate suggestions as to where to get the right support driver for this device.



-- Mark

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Got my answer from NI support: the 9148 is not supported by LabVIEW 2020; have to use 2019 in order to build and run my app.

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I was looking for the same information but wanted to find out the real reason.

To give more info, it is actually the NI CompactRIO driver that last supported the 9148 on version 19.6 (from this compatibility chart:


An the readme for the NI CompactRIO 19.6,

Shows support up to LV 2019 SP1.


Hope this helps

Vincent Carpentier, Ing./Eng.
Neosoft Technologies
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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