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NI 9146 RIO configuration issues

In our Lab we have a running LabView project referencing the above mentioned RIO device.

We want to setup another working version in our office for testing and developing purposes.

Up to now any attemps to make the project working on the office computer failed.

Just at the beginning, i know about this document and i read it properly:


This is the setup:


Laboratory: Labview 2010, Windows 7, Host IP:, RIO IP:

Office: Labview 2014, Windows 8, Host IP:, RIO IP:


In NI Max the RIO device is detected properly on the office computer and is indicated as "working properly".




Unfortunately i see a warning sign infront of the NI9146 in the project explorer.


There is one defect wire in the complete project VI hierarchie:


Running this vi, labview complains:


In english this means, that systemsupport is not available for selected FPGA device.

I don't understand this, because Labview FPGA is installed as well as RIO14, flexrio 14, r series multifunction rio 13 and compact rio.




I tried to remove the faulty device reference and add it again according to the manual which i mentioned at the beginning:

This is where i get stuck (i guess NI 9148 is almost the same as NI1946):



I just cant select these devices under add targets and devices i only see a not existing touchpad device whereever that comes from.


Unfortunately the manual does not tell anything about how to make the ethernet rio device available in "add targets and devices" dialog.

I expected these will be available after installing Flexrio, rio and compact rio but obviously some other modules must be installed it

have no clue about what this could be.

When i click on decribe warning in the project explorer i get following message:

Plugin not installed.PNG

In english this means: Plugin for selected object is not installed on your system or the license is timed out. Please contact NI.

I have no admin privileges, but i'm working at a german federal institution and my installed LabView is of course official and is valid licensed.

This is NOT a private Labview installation i talk about.


Do you have a clue which part of the labview distribution could be meant by "plugin" and what i could do to fix the issue?

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my fist thought is that you need to refresh the modules on your RIO because some of those are not compatible with LV2014 any more (i know for sure that VISA 5.4.0 on your RIO needs to be updated)

please find instructions here:


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In our lab we have LabView 2010 and in my office we have the 2014 issue.

Are the driver backwards compatible? I mean, if i install the 2014 compatible drivers on the RIO

changes are great that i then have a working version in the office but not in the lab.

Sorry for coming up with that but our IT is a very slow snail regarding installations and updates

and i have no admin privileges. Regarding this and the possibility of non backwards compatibility

the updates would probably mean some expensive weeks not beeing able
to work in the lab.



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in that case its probably better to stick to the old version. the compatibility chart for VISA is under and you cannot have both LV 2010 and 2014 supported. You could either install the old LV version & drivers in the office or maybe remote sessions could be a solution.

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Yeah, my immediate thought is because you're using different versions of LabVIEW / drivers on the two machines. I'm not sure if it's actually required, but I would definitely want to be working from the same version of LabVIEW/drivers on both machines.

LabVIEW Champion, CLA, CLED, CTD
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