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NI 5764 - multirecord acquisition

Hi guys


I am trying to configure a multirecord acquisition on a PCIe-5764 (KU035). 


Can you direct me to an example that I can use for further development?



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Have you reviewed the shipping LabVIEW example?

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Hello, as far as I know, there is not an example which directly implements multirecord functionality on PXIe-5764 / PCIe-5764.


Following steps may give you some ideas how to implement it on PCIe-5764.  

  1. Download and install IDL for reconfigurable oscilloscope (
  2. You can generate Sample Project for PXIe-5764, which imeplements multirecord acquisition on FPGA for 2Ch at 1GSPs
  3. Walk through and learn all the components both on host-side and on FPGA of the Sample Project, so that you can deeply learn how MultiRec IDL eases the implementation of all necessary multirecord functionality for FPGA digitizer.  (
  4. Apply MultiRec IDL to your PCIe-5764 KU035.


Steps above are a bit long way to go for entry users, but not so much for advanced LV FPGA users.  I have experiences of implementing multirec acquisition on PXIe-5774, PXIe-5764, and other FlexRIO digitizers.  

It may be a good option to ask one of NI partners to achieve what you want.  


Best regards,  

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As for the 2nd step above, I wanted to say PXIe-5164 not PXIe-5764. 

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Thanks a lot UMASO!


I have iniciated the registration of the card and will try to get support from a NI guy.


In the meanwhile I will follow the steps you suggested.


I have installed the IDL for reconfigurable scopes but don´t know how to generate the sample project for PXIe-5164, can I still generate it when I do not have the hardware installed?



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My applogies for that IDL for reconfigurable oscilloscope does not provide Sample Project for 5164 with Multi-records.  It provides only streaming.  

So, you may go with the one for 5170.  


As for Sample Project, please refer below.


While NI softwares and hardwares are wonderful, it is always hard to find learning resources for NI products, but please stick to finding ones by yourself.  


Applying IDL to other FPGA targets may not be officially supported by NI.  In any cases, you are supposed to finish and well understand the following courses at least, before you call NI support, I guess. 

  • LabVIEW FPGA training
  • High-Performance LabVIEW FPGA
  • LabVIEW Object Oriented Programming

Please forgive me repeatedly saying the same thing, but IDL is not for entry users.


You can generate Sample Project wihtout hardwares installed.  

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I found a good example for you to study LV FPGA.


All source codes are provided and there is a Multi-Rec IDL used in the FPGA source code with custom waveform match triggering.  For you to accomplish whatever you want on PCIe-5764, deeply learn about the example above would help you a lot, I guess.  

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