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.NET Assembly use in LabVIEW

Caleb Said:


"My honest recommendation is to keep adding one component at a time back to the system and see if/where it breaks. Once we find the component, we can narrow down the cause and ascertain if it's due to a difference in how LabVIEW is interacting with your ADO, or if there is something else at play."


I agree. That is the plan for right now:


1. I will first build all of the modules that make up the Vital Signs project and see if there are any change after running the system that way for a day or so.

2. Install Visual Studio 2005 and build a few database projects with it, install them and run the setup for a few days.

3. Install Measurement Studio for the above compiler. test the system for stability as above.

4. Build a few projects with the compiler and measurement studio and see if the system is still stable

5. Figure out where to go if I get that far...



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I sort of changed the order here. I've installed the applications built using Visual Studio 2005 and installed them using VS 2005 installer projects. The debug components are not installed. I have not installed the compiler. The only compiler on the test system is LabVIEW. As of today there has been no problems with the test system at all. I may have to ry to justify a copy of Visual Studio 2008 just to see if the compiler causes this problem. I need database access that is easier with Visual Studio than it is in LabVIEW. The NI plugins for database access are just strange and awkward.



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