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Multisim and Labview

Multisim and Labview

Hi )))
I have problems with integration labview VIs into Multisim. Labview ver 8.5 , Multisim 9. I've done everything that's written in "How to create Labview based instrument for Multisim",
but new created labview instrument(.llb) doesn't appear in Multisim! I've tried everything ,I've read both Helps , but it doesn't want to work!!  But if I put existing LLB library (already made example)to the /lvinstruments path in multisim directory, everything is ok! 
Please help ..... Have anybody ever had the same problem ?   
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Re: Multisim and Labview


Thank you for the post.  I have developed many LabVIEW VIs for Multisim (some that we haven't posted yet - so please stand by) and I have had this happen on occassion and it is likely due to one of several issues as outlined below.

A) I have forgotten to change the Instrument ID (in the block diagram - not on the front panel) to something unique in the (thus a conflict and therefore Multisim cannot load the instrument as something unique.


B) I have changed a label or deleted a control on the front panel that I am not supposed to - such as the Repeat Data control for a Source Instrument (LV input to Multisim) or Sampling Rate or Interpolation Method controls for a Measurement Instrument (Multisim output to LV).   Although they don't connect to anything, these are necessary for the instrument to load.


C) Before targeting the build as a llb I save the target VI as a ".vi" and not a ".vit" as required.

If you would like, you can send the VIs and Project to myself or Nestor and we can take a look and try to build this for you and provide feedback to the group (as it may be a common problem that everyone can benefit from).


Patrick Noonan
Business Development Manager
National Instruments - Electronics Workbench Group
50 Market St. 1-A
S. Portland, ME 04106
Tel. (207) 892-9130
Fax. (207) 892-9508


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Re: Multisim and Labview

Thank you for your reply ! But I got it ! The problem was that , I tried to compile a llb file for multisim in labview 8.5 , but  in multisim instrument engine.rar we have libraries only for 8 and 8.2 : LVInstrIF800.dll ,LVInstrIF820.dll ,that I copied to /lvinstruments in multisin directory!But there wasn't there LVInstrIF850.dll So that was the problem ! If you have it ? could you send it to me ,please?
Thank you for your help )))
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Re: Multisim and Labview


Hi tuman,

Officially, Multisim 9 supports LabVIEW based VIs created in version 8.0, however, it's not possible to run LabVIEW based instruments created in version 8.5.

In the meantime, a possible workaround is to create your VIs with LabVIEW 8.2.1. I already did some tests with input/output instruments (created in LabVIEW 8.2.1) and they worked in Multisim 9. Here is my suggestion: 

  • Create your instrument with LabVIEW 8.2.1; (if you don't want to lose your current LabVIEW 8.5 VIs, use the "Save for Previous Version" option available on the File menu).
  • Download and unzip the attached file (, copy the files LVInstrIF821.dll and LVInstrIF821.llb to the following directory:

          C:\Program Files\Electronics Workbench\EWB9\lvinstruments

         Your custom instrument must be placed in the same folder.

  • Start Multisim. You will be able to access your new LabVIEW based instrument from the LabVIEW category of Multisim's instrument toolbar.


  • A licensed user of LabVIEW 8.5 can install and run version 8.2.1. However, if you don't have the 8.2.1 installer, please send an email (Attn: Fernando) to and I'll be happy to help you.

Please let us know how this works.


National Instruments, EWB Group.

Fernando D.
National Instruments

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