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Multiplier High-Throughput


I work on PXI scope board.
My FPGA program use High-Throughput  Multiplier function.

1 - To improve space, I look to change function

Which is better DSP48E / DSP48E1 / Xilinx IP Multiply Adder 3.0 ?
I think Xilinx IP.

2 – Here is characteristics of my function (function works)

Input A : FXP34,34           Array of 2 elements       [A1,A2]

Input B : FXP16,16           1 element  [B1]

Output  FXP50,50            Array 2 elements [A1*B1, A2*B1]

The function is inside SCTL loop.

A) Can I use DSP48E or DSP48E1 to do same ?
DSP48 or E1 accept array as input ? I’m not sur sure


B) Xilinx IP :

Does it works in SCTL ? I Think yes

accept array as input ? idk

What about CLK / CE / SCLR ?

If someone can help, thanks in advance

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Forget about the array, that's not going to work.


So you need to either:

1) Multiplex over two individual multiplicators holding the second variable constant whereby

1a) You achieve only half your throughput (40MHz SCTL, 20M Multiplications per second)

1b) You need to transfer data to an 80MHz loop and back


2) Implement two multipliers in parallel


I would use none of the options you have described, I would simply use the LabVIEW primitive or the Xilinx multiplier (not multiplier adder).


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