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Multiple channels in and out using DAQ assistant



I'm trying to create a simple oscilloscope that reads 16 analog inputs, filters them and then displays them on different graphs. My problem is that I always see the same input (no matter the pin) in all the graphs. Any thoughts about this?


First I tried using multiple DAQ assistants, but then I read in the forum best practice was to use the same task for all the inputs and then the figure shown to split the signals.



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I think you're better off using DAQmx calls than the Express vi's.


Here's a look at basic DAQmx Task creating.

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I agree.  I wrote (for one of my colleages) a multi-page document called "The Dreaded DAQ Assistant" whose bottom line was Never Use the DAQ Assistant (and don't use Dynamic Wires, either!).  NI wrote a wonderful paper on DAQmx -- search for "Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx" on the Web and you'll find it.


Bob Schor

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Thank you guys for your replies! I'm going to read on those!


Best regards.

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