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Monitoring Data from multiple Real Time Targets myRIO

I want to continuously monitor the data at high rates from 3 myRIOs. I've tried using shared variables hosted on myRIO. They work much better on DataDashboard App rather than the LabVIEW program built to open and read variables using Shared Programmatic Access. Lets say if one variable is failed to open the whole program won't run. The distributed system manager also gets hang most of the times while viewing the deployed shared variables on myRIOs. I don't know why this happens.


Any big archtitectural overview or example tutorial to make this rececption from 3 myRIOs reliable.


I've also tried TCP/IP but it worked fine only for 1 myRIO on adding another parallel loop for myRIO resulted in the error "the network operaration exceeded limit"

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What error handling are you performing?

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As such no error handling code is used and it takes forever to open variable connection successfully to all the variables.
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Can you post your code here? It would be easier for us to see what is going on than in the video.

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Thanks for following. I've moved to Network Streams with reconnection. Much better performance now.
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