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Mixed Signal to String

I have one line from the DAQ card on a PXI system hooked up to a pin on a device I am interested in aquiring a digital signal from. The signal aqusition works well and when my LabView program is finished I have a nice mixed signal graph that displays the signal I have aquired from the device and the waveforms I sent to it in order to receive the signal. I would like to then take this signal information I get from the device from the mixed signal line and convert it to a string somehow so that it is easier for the user to read. My problem is that I have the DAQ aquiring thousands of samples per second, so a simple binary response such as 010 would consist of thousands of zeros then thousands of ones then thousands of zeros. Is there a method or type of tool I can use in LabView to somehow translate this vast amount of digital data into a simple binary string?


I unfortunatley cannot post my code here, sorry about that.



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Only write a character when a transition occurs.

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