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Missing VI's in v8.6



I have LV 8.6 (professional) but there are no VI's listed under Control Design & Simulation or Measurement IO (functions palette). I also have LV 8.2 and that does have the VI's.


Why don't the VI's appear in v8.6?


Thank you

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The Control Design & Simulation toolkit is an add-on toolkit and if you have it, would need to install it after installing LabVIEW 8.6. Make sure that you have a version that is compatible with 8.6. The functions on the Measurement I/O palette get installed when you install DAQmx or traditional DAQ. You would have to install either after installing 8.6. These are part of the drivers that are on your 8.6 DVD distribution.
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I have installed most of the drivers from the driver CD. Some of them were not compatible.


From the functions palette, 'Measurement I/O' has one DAQmx VI, 'Vision and Motion' and 'Control Design & Simulation' have no VI's.


The driver options available are attached (I can select/deselect each one). Which drivers are required for these VI's?


Thank you


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And as I said, Control Design & Motion is an add-on toolkit to LabVIEW. It is something that is purchased and licensed separately. It is not included with the LabVIEW distribution DVD. The same is true of Vision. If you had a licensed copy of a toolkit it for 8.2, then you need to get an separate upgrade for that. Contact NI directly and provide serial number, etc. of the old toolkit. They will then be able to check the status - like whether it is covered by SSP.
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