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Menu shortcuts - Forget the settings

I set the Locate in Project... shortcut to Ctlr+L. Thereafter open a .vi, press Ctrl+L and it is work. Yeah 🙂
But if I close the Labview and reopened, the setting to forget. What is the problem?


Labview 2015 SP1

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LabVIEW shortcuts are saved in the LabVIEW.ini filel


After you close LabVIEW, open the .ini file and see if it has been saved there.  Probably near the bottom.  See what the last file save date is for the LabVIEW.ini file.  If things aren't being saved, perhaps you don't have the proper permissions to save to the program files directory for the LabVIEW.ini file to be updated.

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Does it save other settings?

My guess it is permissions issue for C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015\LabVIEW.ini file. Can you check entry appears in the file?

PS. I am from Labview 2011, they might have changed settings location.

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