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Measuring MTF using Labview

Hi there,

Can anyone enlighten me what toolkit I need to find the MTF Contrast Processor to test the sharpness of a slanted edge? Or, is there a Labview code that someone is willing to share? Many thanks!

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Hi Sanjee,


IMO the standard analysis tools in LabVIEW are sufficient for calculating MTF. The Vision module has an edge detection function which is useful but not always and can be done with standard tools just as well.


As is usually the case it does require understanding the algorithm, breaking it down in logical steps a grasping the tools in LabVIEW. Unfortunately I cannot share any code, only give pointers.

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Thanks for the pointers. We will build the code but trying to minimize the work because this measurement is time sensitive and all my engineers have plenty to do. We need to measure the slanted edge. Could you tell me what the Vision Module be helpful: determining the LSF or PSF, for example. We'll buy it if it's useful. Thanks.

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My code uses the Vision module to crop, rotate and mirror the ROI so the edge detection is always in the same direction. As said it can also perform edge detection to locate position and angle. We also use it for overlays as feedback to the user. But for determining LSF there is not much use and will need to be done with standard tools anyway.


So unless you plan to also use it for other (machine) vision tasks I think it's overpriced for just this application, plus each compiled executable using Vision on a different machine will need a license for the Vision runtime as well.

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Many thanks for the infor. We were able to develop our own code using standard tools. 

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