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Measurement & Automation Explorer won't detect my Basler a601f camera



I have a Basler camera A601f, and just installed Labview, including Measurement & Automation Explorer.


But for some reason , MAX doesn't show up my Basler camera on the Devices and Interfaces tree. It actually prompts an Internal Warning withreport  ID e092c400-09c9-4d74-9802-e105020e13dd.


Can anyone give me some advice on how solve this problem please? If you need more details, just ask.


Thanks in advance

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Hello onard,


To detect your Basler camera, you have to installed Visoin Acquisition Software. LabVIEW doesn't enough to worked with a camera.


Please read the following web link :




Brice S.
National Instruments France

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Hi Brice, thanks for the reply!


I already have installed Vision Acquisition (NI-IMAQ 4.3, NI-IMAQdx 3.4, NI-IMAQ I/0 2.3).


I readed the link you suggested me, and updated the camera drivers trough Device Manager to NI-IMAQdx IIDC Digital Camera.


But still, when I go to MAX, I get this error when I open Devices and Interfaces


And as you can see, the camera doesnt show up.

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Can you selected NI MAX > Tools > Reset Data Base Configuration

Brice S.
National Instruments France

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Yes, I did the reset. The options with the red cross disapeared, but it still gives an error when I select Devices and Interfaces, and I still can't see the camera.

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I don't see your image on the html page.


It's possible for you to post a screenshot directly in your reply?



Brice S.
National Instruments France

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I tried, but when I go to post, it says my message cannot exceed 10 000 characters.


Now I'll try to put it as an annex.

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