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Measurement Computing DAQ - DAQ Assistant?

Hi guys.

Currently at my University at the Electronics lab we are using Measurment Computing DAQs (USB-1208FS). I was wondering why the DAQ assistant in labview doesnt pick up the device? I am running the Measurement computing software in the background correctly (Instacal). Anyone get this to work?


We can do it another way using these VI's called ToEng etc that get the analogue ports from the DAQ. This works fine if we hook the DAQ up to a POT or somthing we can control to make a sine wave, we plug 3 inputs wires into the DAQ from the pot board. Now for my project we only have 1 input wire and when we plug it into the DAQ the output on Labview flatlines and we cant make it rise. Im going to mess around with Instacal today and see if i can configure it :|!


Any help sorting this problem would be great. We cant use another DAQ and i have no idea why its flatlining.


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In order for the device to work with DAQ assistant, it has to be able to be seen in Measurement and Automation Explorer.  It won't because it doesn't use the same basic device drivers as regular NI products do.


You will have to use the LabVIEW drivers that come with the Measurement Computing device.  I don't think you'll be able to run InstaCAL at the same time, but I'm not sure on that.


I don't understand what you mean by you only have 1 input wire.  You need to have at least 2 wires, one for the analog input and one for ground.

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The Measurement Computing boards come with a bunch of VIs.  The "To Eng" vi doesn't read the hardware, it only converts the value that was read to Engineering Units.  If you installed the software correctly, the MCC vis will be in User Library pallet of LV.  Look for a VI called


Also, the VIs use the same DLL as InstaCal, so you can't use both at the same time.  You'll have to exit InstaCal for you Labview VIs to work.


Also, because they are not NI products (even though NI owns them) they do not show up in MAX.



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