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Main difference between windows version and linux/mac version?

Main difference between windows version and linux/mac version?


  Our lab just buy a labview package 2011 and it comes with several dvds, including


For windows

1) NILabView Core Software DVD1/2

2) NILabView Core Software DVD2/2

3) Extended Development Suite

4) Labview Option DVD1/2

5) LabView Option DVD 2/2,

6) Ni device drivers


For Mac/Linux

1) Professional Developement SyStem



Why there are that many dvds for windows, but only one disc for mac/linux? What's the main difference? I aslo curious if there is any advantage to use MAC/LINUX (in terms of efficiency or speed)?

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Re: Main difference between windows version and linux/mac version?

There are quite a few differences between Linux and windows version. It is missing:

    1. Max - useful when setting up connections between hardware

    2, Many of the add on modules (these are not included that I can testify)

        a. RT

        b, Vision

        c. state

The main advantage I see for the Linux version, it is not crippled by my company IT policy. The windows 7 version will not let us install any programs on the machines regardless if they are production or development machines

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Re: Main difference between windows version and linux/mac version?

I have been using LV on the Mac almost exclusively since version 1.2.


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It has been a major source of frustration, that so many features available to the Windows versions are not available on the Mac.  Some, like Vision, started (as iMAQ ) on the Mac, but are now Windows-only. Things like .NET are understandable, just as the Windows version probably does not support Apple Events. But support for all DAQ devices, Vision, the State Chart program and many others are missing with no good explanation from NI.


Just trying to figure out what is supported on which platforms is a major headache. NI's website does not make that obvious, particularly at the Buy page, where is should be extremely clear as to what you get for ~$5k or not. Given the substantial discrepancy between the features on the various platforms, the price should also reflect that.


Field representatives and phone support people often do not know these things as well.


Nancy Pelosi is quoted as having said that the health care bill had to be passed so we could see what was in it.  Apparently some of the marketing people at NI are the same way.  But the Mac/Linux versions at full price so you can find out what is not in them.


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