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MS Office Toolkit

I am trying the toolkit out for the first time to get some data out of an excel spreadsheet.  It appears that the toolkit only supports creating files, not opening/reading existing files.  All the installed vi's on the pallette are under Report Generation.  I was looking for the "Open Excel File" type vi and it is not there.  Is this right?  I was able to look thru the lower level vi's and figure out how to open files, but it appears this functionality is not supported at the top level?  Unless I'm missing something, it looks to me like the toolkit only has half the functionality it should.
Bill F
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Hey Bill,

Here is a sub vi I wrote that opens an excel file then extracts data from named cells in excel and writes it to a spreadsheet.  I had to search the forums for a little bit before I figured out how to do it myself.

The reason for the error case is because sometimes excel would not open for every file I was looking in for data.  I was getting data from 50+ excel files and random files would not get opened giving me bad data.  I guess it is a known problem that excel sometimes takes too long to open and will generate an error.



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