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MAX adding a Network Device (TCP/IP)

I am following the tutorial Connect Ethernet to connect a device to my computer. I can ping the device in the command prompt by typing in ping where is the IP address, and I get a reply from the system. But when i try to create this new VISA device in MAX, it gives me an error and says there is not enough info or the resource is not present. I have a screenshot showing the command prompt in the background where i ran the ping, and also the MAX error. The device I am connecting to is an Unitronics VL200 and I am running LabView 2015. Also I am not sure if i should be using a Modbus instead of simply creating a new VISA resource, still researching all this stuff. Thanks. Also it says the IP address is unknown? But it is there in the host name section (IP2 picture). 

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A couple of questions.  Is your PC on the Internet?  Do you use a wired network connection, or are you wireless?  Do you have more than one NIC or network pathway (for example, wired + WiFi)?


The reason I'm asking is you are specifying a 10.x.x.x address, which is a "non-routable IP", meaning it is for a strictly local network that has no internet access.


What information do you have on the VISA device?  Do you know, already, its IP?  Is it in the 10.x.x.x range?  Do you know if it has a "flexible" (or DHCP) IP, as in "Just plug it in and your Computer will find it"?


Bob Schor


P.S. -- I searched for Unitronics VL200, couldn't find anything helpful.

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My PC currenetly only has one ethernet port, so I have that port connected to the Unitronics controller most of the time. Sometimes I connect it to a router at which point I have internet, but since I only have one port I can only do one of these things at a time. I adjusted my computer IP address to be when trying to talk to the Unitronics. 


I think since it is a direct connection (ethernet from computer going straight to Unitronics) then a local network should be fine?


I know the IP of the VISA device is because I set that IP address myself, the system has a screen that allows you to do this. I do not believe it has a DHCP because when i plug it in and look at the device manager, nothing happens, so i dont think that it is finding it. 

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If you are "wiring" directly from one device (PC) to another (Instrument), you may have a "Cross-over" problem (but, if so, I'd expect Ping to fail).  Several years ago, I bought a half-dozen very inexpensive 4-port routers just to solve this issue -- they typically have just enough "smarts" to detect whether you need a cross-over or not, then implement whatever is needed inside themselves.  Saves a lot of headaches.


Bob Schor

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I have a Linsky 8 Workgroup Switch that I just routed the computer and the Unitronics system to right now. I was able to successfully ping the system but the I am still having the VISA connection issue in MAX

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For the "Connect ethernet" tutorial that you're trying, at the very end are you using one of the first two options (VXI-11 LAN/LXI) or the last option (Manual socket)?


Per the tutorial, "You then need to choose either VXI-11 LAN Instrument or Raw Socket. Raw Socket lets you communicate with an Ethernet device over a specific port number. VXI-11 LAN Instrument is used for instruments that conform to the VXI-11 LAN Instrument specification."


Unless you've got a manual somewhere that says 100% for sure that it does comply with the VXI-11 LAN Instrument specification, it probably doesn't.  You almost certainly need to switch to the manual socket method.


(side note: even when I did have a VXI-11 LAN Instrument, I would use the manual socket option because on startup 2% of the time it wouldn't detect the instrument and would force a reinstall of the device to get it working again)

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