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Linear edge counting and triggering an AI signal


I am using a linear counter to count the edges from a vertical glass scale which  I converted counts to distance. When I reach a given distance, trigger an AI channel to measure the voltage from a load cell which  I  converted voltage to Newton and then write the distance and Newton value to file. The problem I am having is I am manually moving a lever attached to the linear scale and because the steps are 10 micros apart, I get more than one trigger which gives me multiple AI voltage readings. I have tried the In range for the trigger. Is there a better way to do this?



Joe N

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Hi joe_n1,


How many triggers are occurring for each step? How many unnecessary voltage samples are being made?


Is there a problem with receiving the extra AI voltage readings? Or are you simply curious as to if reading only one sample after the trigger is possible?


See if the links below offer any assistance:


"How to use digital input to trigger analog input acquisition?"


"Trigger and Gate Express VI"


"Re: how to trigger from analog input channel"

"If you just want one sample each time you receive a trigger, you can monitor the trigger lines and start an analog input task for the specific channel that you receive a trigger for."







David B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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