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License file installed, but Labview Development System not activated

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First installed 2020 SP1, used a trial license, then later installed a license file purchased via my university. See attached image: the Academic Site License status is Licensed for pretty much everything installed, yet the software itself shows Evaluation/Unlicensed. And when starting it the standard 'log in to activate' dialog pops up but since this license came from a file and I don't have activation codes, so activation doesn't work. Why does the license file not result in activation though? I could reinstall probably, but I'm wondering if there's no way around?

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On your image it says "disconnected licence", so you probably need to connect it somehow.

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Accepted by topic author Stijn

"disconnected" here means "standalone" or "not connected to license server", that's not an issue.


However that led me to some searching and came across the issue in the knowledgebase:


In short: as long as the evaluation license file exist, they'll be used. So deleting those solved the isse.

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