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Led sequence backwards problem

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Hey, I have been trying to create a VI in order to have an 11 led sequence and also an indicator showing the led turned on led position, it works from left to right, but i dont know how to make it work from right to left as soon as a switch the button.

Tks for your time and help.

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You have way too much code.


Use an array of booleans and search the forum. There are plenty of examples.

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Hey! tks for the feedback, unfortunately im limited by these structures as part of the requirements, is there any posibility to program the false case in order to put the sequence backwards as soon as i switch the button?

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Accepted by topic author fjrb-n1

Who wrote these "requirement"? Why would you need a formula node for all this? To subtract instead of add is mathematically not that different, right?


If there are requirements, you need to list them all, else we don't know what they all are.


Attached is a simple example draft that could give you some ideas. Arguably, it is simpler. 😄



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My teacher did, but that’s alright I see now your point, and it’s quite better. Just managed to make it work properly, I really thank you for your time and patience!

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