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Lavbiew 2012 project Installer issues with WinXp SP3 program install - errors

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i have a project that built and installed to Windows Xp and 7 when built with LV2011. I upgraded to LV2012 and I get install errors when the install build in installed on a Windows Xp Service Pack 3. I noted that LV2011 had WinXp as min requirement and LV2012 it is now Win Xp SP2 minimum. But that is not the issue here, as the target is SP3.


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Hi SunshineDesign,


Could you please post more information about the error?


Now, I assume that you have an installer, and that installer has your application, it was build in LV 2011, now you have LabVIEW 2012 and you are trying to install the same installer that was built in 2011?


If you have a Development version of LabVIEW in your computer, you only need to run the application, you don’t need the installer unless you have an specific driver on it, even thought I will suggest to not install a installer in a computer that already has LabVIEW Development.


I would like to see if you can share with us your error codes and if you can explain a little bit more about your HW set up, I would like to identify if the computer you are talking about is a development PC, or only a target PC.


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Accepted by topic author SunshineDesign

I found that the Labview 2012 installer build has changed from LV2011. The Labview 2012 Installer properties has the default settings

that includes all the components for the Runtime Library 2012 F3. Specifically the Math Kernal and the Non-english support for the runtime library. Both items give installer failure and errors. See attached file for the correct settings. I have turned this into the local support engineer and made a service call on it to submit to the development team.

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