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Hello everyone, So am a student and am about to graduate , my project is an interface for acquiring and controlling a temperature regulator(EW4822) via RS485 modbus and a computer using Labview ,am trying to control oil temperature and make it stable. am working with Labview for the first time , am having difficulties in visualising my project in lab view , so any useful information about Labview or even the regulator that am working with would be helpful . Thank you for your attention am waiting for your answers .

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Might be a bit late to start learning how to use a tool that you need to create a project that you need in order to graduate.

But go for it: Check out NI's tutorials on LabVIEW.

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Hi lmy,


to add to Paul's comment:

The self-paced online courses are currently available for free until the end of the month. Start with "LabVIEW Core 1"…

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Go to the top of the forum.




Also have a look at the shipping examples. (menu help..find examples)


It is not clear from your post if the LabVIEW program is a core part of the "graduation" requirements. That would make no sense and you are obviously not ready. Talk to your instructor and be honest. What kind of degree/school  is this?


While you are learning, also think about how you posted here. Giving a subject of "Labview" is redundant in a forum about LabVIEW (note the correct lettercase spelling!). Every. Single. Post. Here. Is. About. LabVIEW! Next time try to come up with a more concise title e.g. "Controlling temperature".


You are using a temperature controller that already does all the heavy lifting (PID, etc.) for you, so all you need is communicate the setpoint read the temperature, and things will be "stable". (assuming the controller is tuned to the characteristics of your system). What else does your LabVIEW program involve? For the above, all you needs is a control for the desired temperature, an indicator for the current temperature, maybe a chart to show historic data, and maybe a mechanism to log temperature to disk.

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Hi ,

Thank you so much for your consideration , I will definitely check it out.

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Hi GerdW,

Thank you for your guidance , I appreciate it . 


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Hi altenbach,

Thank you so much for answering I appreciate it and I will take your notes into consideration .

About my school degree it's master degree , and yes LabVIEW it's actually a part of the graduation requirements and I don't really have a choice  I have 3 months left , so I have to make a progress during this period . 

 Acquisition ,display and control are done on a computer via LabVIEW,the work will be sanctioned by:

-Familiarisation and implementation of LabVIEW on the computer .

- A study followed by an acquisition and passive display of the parameters of the regulator via the RS_485

- Acquisition and control of the regulator (EW4822). 

The pictures below is the device that we made at the University and it will be connected to the computer.




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months left.  LOL, it sounded like you had a week or so left to do this.  😄  At least now we know we can give some meaningful help.

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