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this is my first mail to this group. I hope this group will be helpful
for me.

In Labview , What is the difference between .dll files and .exe files
in terms of how they call during the execution and in terms of memory

Please reply

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The main difference is that an exe is a stand alone executable and a DLL is a collection of functions as they were implemented in LV. That allows you to write a function in LV and call it from another language.

Using either of them will invoke the LV run-time engine (which takes an X amount of memory, depending on the version and the application). Each instance of the LV RTE is limited to a certain amount of memory by the OS (I think the official limit in 32 bit windows in 2GB, but you would probably hit that before). I think that if you open a DLL while running another executable in parallel would open a second instance of the RTE, but I'm not sure.

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