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 I have attached a simulation circuit of a AVR microcontroller.It is my final year project and  I have to simulate the ciruit connected to the GSM module and the MQ 5 sensor board.Could any one send me tutorials or clear my doubts of how I can get a Virtual Output using the GSM module and how sould program be dumped virtually in the AVR microcontroller.The bottom Line of this question is CIRCUIT FILE IS ATTACHED NEED TO BRING A SIMULATION AND WORKING USING GSM.Can anyone send me links of tutorial videos of INTERFACING GSM with AVR and Sensor

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First, please use a more descriptive subject title then "LabVIEW".  Every message in this forum is about LabVIEW, so your title doesn't do anything to tell us what your message is about.


Second,  LabVIEW is not a circuit simulation tool.  It is a graphical programming language that has features built in to make it easier to communicate with real world instruments.  While you can pretty much program anything you want with LabVIEW, there is a long stretch from your ambiguous problem of "I want to simulate this complicated electrical setup" to having a LabVIEW program written to be able to do that.  And the forums are not a code writing service, so I'm not sure if anyone is going to be able to help you.


You need to better define what it is you are really trying to do and ask specific questions about LabVIEW when you run into trouble implementing your goals.


EDIT:  I see you have a duplicate post.  You should keep any further discussion there.  The circuit simulation board would be a much better forum for your questions since you are effectively asking how to simulate a circuit.


Deja Vu.  It seems like in the past year you haven't gained any further knowledge of what LabVIEW is used for.

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I agree with is possible to simulate your project (do a search on the CLD test examples, which simulate vending machines, coffee makers, boiler controller, sprinkler controller, ATM machines, carwash, security alarms, HVAC controllers, Signal....). Define your input/output signal needed to communicate, sequences of operation and so on....

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