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Labview with Xnet application :Auto reply

Hi ,


I have an application built on top of xnet driver. It has read(receive) and write(send) operation. 


1. It sends the can message which user has selected.

2. It receives  the can message coming from other ECU and display it on the front panel.


 Looking at above functionality there is only one time communication between ECU and labview application for send and receive. Here is an improvement to the application which i am trying to implement. When Labview application receives can mesg from other nodes it should decode the received frame and send an automatic reply through can frame. I thought i could be achieved using scripts which reads the received  can frame and reply it back. But i didn't find any script which does this functions.


Can anybody suggest on this and any pointer for this.




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post your VI so we can help.


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This kind of thing can be pretty easy to write using LabVIEW.  It is the programming language controlling the hardware.  XNet does have an on board processor that can run tiny programs, but there are many limitations and it generally isn't useful outside of an automatic CRC or Counter. 


It sounds like you are implementing ISO15765, or XCP/CCP.  NI has toolkits for both that work pretty well.  They aren't free, but the price is alot cheaper than developing, documenting, debugging, and supporting an in house solution.  They have trials too so you can check them out for free.

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