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Labview statechart compatibility with FPGA VI



I have an issue into my statechart. I have severals states with normal Vi activation which is working fine. But i have a few steps with FPGA VI to launch.

The generation code button (top right corner) is always broken when FPGA VI are included to one state.

The consequence is that i can't launch my application.

All Vi's should work fine because whithout using statechart (launching VI one by one) the system works fine.


Are there known issues about statechart and FPGA compatibility ? Or any help on that problem ?

Don't hesitate to ask questions if something is not enough clear.




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Hello Vinvent,


When you click on that button, what kind of message do you get ?



Mathieu P. | Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer
National Instruments France

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Hi Mathieu,


You can find attached a screenpicture of my diagramm. You can see the arrow is broken.

The second file shows the different VI i am using. The PWM FPGA is a VI i have to deploy to make my application running.

But the essai PWM and Helico are using the FPGA target to run. That's the reason why my arrow is broken.


On the diagramm ;

"Lancement du VI FPGA" state launch the PWM

"Essai PWM" state launch the essai PWM

"Hélicoptère" state launch the Helico

I have an error on these 3 states.


Do you know why ? And a way to fix it ?

I can give you the code if needed.




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Anybody can help me ? I need to know if we can run FPGA VI in a state. According to my application it seems it is not. Someone agree with this ?




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