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Labview para estudiantes

Hola. La versión para estudiante de Labview 2020 me trabajo bien hasta unos días, trabaje con ella desde el año pasado. ¿Esta versión solo trabaja con 45 días de licencia? ¿Cómo estudiante hay una versión que me permita trabajar sin inconvenientes? Deseo seguir trabajando con esta herramienta. Gracias

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If you're using LabVIEW as part of the academic curriculum, you must get an appropriate Academic license from your school/university. If you're using LabVIEW as a hobby or upskilling, you can download LabVIEW Community Edition (free)

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I assume you had the free student edition (for personal, non-academic use) that has a 6 month license, but can be re-activated an unlimited time as long as you still qualify.


As has been said, that same functionality (and more!) is now available in the LabVIEW community edition, so I recommend switching to that if you qualify.

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Could you give me more information on how to reactivate for an unlimited time?

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@Benru wrote:

Could you give me more information on how to reactivate for an unlimited time?

You need to switch to the community edition. It is the correct replacement. The old links (e.g. at the bottom if this page) now points to the community edition instead.


(Quote from here: "NI had previously made available an extended LabVIEW and Multisim Education Edition license to complete courseware at home for the Spring 2020 semester, but this is no longer available.")

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