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Labview crashed by Adobe PDF Reader ActiveX



Labview crashes after the update of Adobe Reader XI from v11.0.06 to v11.0.07. The crash is caused by puting VIs that use Adobe PDF Reader ActiveX control or property node on a block diagram. The lvlog report is attached. The same VIs are working fine with v11.0.06 and previous ones.

One sequence that couses the crash is as follows:

- put ActiveX Container on the front panel

- Right click on ActiveX Container and select Insert ActiveX Object ... (new dialog openes)

- from the list select Adobe PDF Reader and click OK


Thanks for the help!


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I am experiencing the exact same issue and it appears to be problem with adobe itself:


I hope another update is rolled out soon but in the meantime I have downgraded back to version 11.0.06:



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I'm sure others have found a solution by now, but I just used a system with v11.0.07 of Adobe and it crashed.  I updated to v11.0.10 and it is fine.  The crash was seen on load on one system that didn't have the same version as the other systems.  LabVIEW would load the VI and before it was done loading it would close in a catastrophic way.

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