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Labview and Matlab using Mathscript RT module

I have a matlab function that uses simulink and I'm using the mathscript RT module script to make a matlab type script that then calls on my matlab function. My function I created in matlab is supposed to give me 4 outputs. 2 of them are arrarys, the other 2 are integer values. But I keep getting the "Error 1050 occured at labiview". I want my labview to except those outputs from my function, but for some reason I can't get it to work. Everytime I run the vi with the mathscript it gives me all the proper simulations and plots I need, but for some reason I can't get it to fetch, or grab those inputs from my matlab function. Anyone have any ideas?

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Looks like this is a duplicate of your other post: 


I think you'll want to be using the Matlab® Script Node, as it actually uses ActiveX calls to run the script in the Matlab® Run time engine. 

The Mathscript RT node actually converts all of your m script into LabVIEW code and runs it solely in LabVIEW. I don't think your S function is going to be supported. 

Here's a list of what is supported:


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